Who Are We

The Polytechnic Institute of Research and Innovation in Sustainability – INSPIRES is a research center of the Universitat de Lleida.

It is a multidisciplinary research centre that pays special attention to research on better energy management, efficiency, usability, security, high performance computing, and solving optimization problems, among other issues related to the field of sustainability and technology.

This represents a joint effort of several research groups that work in different research areas, as these efforts are shared generating synergies. Each subgroup continues its research in the areas where are competitive, with synergies to address the four INSPIRES main research areas:

It is the application of the principles of smart city in the agricultural and rural field. To apply information technologies and communication, combined with principles of social and human capital, to improve the production and quality in a sustainability way, based on efficient resource management and the impact on the natural environment.

You can define a city as "intelligent" when their investments in human and social capital, transports and information technologies and communication facilitates a sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with efficient management of natural resources and through citizen participation.

Efficient and Sustainable Energy
Includes the generation and management of energy and its application in buildings, urban and rural environment, and agricultural industry in a sustainable and efficient way. It studies the improvement of existing systems and the development of new generation and power management systems for the improvement of our society.

Healthy Environments, e-Health and Bioinformatics
We want to improve accessibility, ergonomics and safety in workplaces, industrial buildings, public spaces, etc. to the activities taking place in these environments became healthier, sustainable and accessible to all people. This includes the application of information technology and communication (ICT) in the context of health care and the application of ICT management, analysis and simulation of biological systems.